• MALI
Security Advisor H/F


The Security advisor based in MANGA will ensure the strict application of measures and recommendations as adopted in the LG Burkina Faso Security Plan to ensure the safety and security of LG staff and assets as well as the safeguarding of a good image of LG in Burkina Faso. Specific responsibilities include monitoring, information and data management, reporting, communication, and capitalization.
Monitoring and disseminating information:
  • Develop a diversified and consistent network of contacts at local, national, and sub-regional levels (population, local authorities, NGOs, UN, army, other national and international security organizations, law enforcement agencies, etc.).
  • Maintain a constant watch (media, press, social networks, etc.) to keep abreast of developments in LG’s intervention zones and in the country, in relation to the security environment.
  • Liaise closely with contacts to establish a relationship of trust, exchange bilateral information, and obtain relevant information for LG staff.
  • Proactively collect safety-related information, with priority given to LG’s specialist partners such as INSO and diversifying sources.
  • Ensure the reliability of information collected and shared by cross-referencing information and researching security incidents.
  • Research security incidents and monitor all significant security events in LG’s areas of operation in Burkina Faso.
  • Ensure rapid, horizontal, and vertical internal sharing of all information gathered.
Reporting and Capitalization:
  • Write the necessary/requested reports in an understandable, concise and relevant manner.
  • At LG’s request, draft other documents/tools/procedures/Updates useful for minimizing risks in Burkina Faso.
  • Participate in LG weekly meetings and lead parties on safety and security.
  • Establish a clear and concise internal communication and safety information sharing scheme and ensure its effective operation.
  • Participate in internal capitalization.
  • Set up an analytical and dynamic incident tracking register.
HSE Auditing, Staff training and capacity building:
  • Record the HSE policy, objectives, and plans.
  • Carry out an audit of Health, Safety and Environment statutory compliance of the organization in Burkina Faso.
  • Record the results of HSE evaluation and risk management.
  • Describe emergency plans and responsibilities, and the means of responding to HSE incidents and potential emergency situations.
  • Carry out a diagnostic survey of LG staff HSE training needs and draw up a training plan.
  • Organize HSE briefings/debriefings before, during and after each LG staff mission.
  • Organize periodic sessions to update LG’s HSE/security policies and measures in Burkina Faso
Other duties:
  • Assessment of upgrading organization assets to meet statutory requirements.
  • Review of security needs and engagement of third-party security providers.
  • Acquisition of security equipment.
  • Takes disciplinary action against security providers for non-performance.
  • Supervises and provides feedback on security providers.
  • Generate SOPs for security teams, security operations and movement of organization personnel.
  • Carry out investigations and give recommendations on actions to be taken after incidents i.e. fraud, theft, destruction of organization assets.
  • Bachelor’s Degree. Discipline / Specialization: Both Police and Private Security experience at Management level, Vulnerability assessment, Risk assessment, Journey Management/convoy management.
  • Professional Certifications or Qualification: Security Management, Control Room Operations, VIP protection, Diplomatic Security Training.
  • Minimum Five years’ work experience.
  • Speak and write English fluently.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Experience of working in international contexts or in developing countries would be an asset
  • Good Interpersonal skills, Communication and Collaboration, ability to speak simply about complex security issues.
  • Beyond technical skills, proven and strong People management and leadership skills.
  • Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety
  • Knowledge of Environmental management.
  • An updated resume with at least three references.
  • Via our web site www.umo-interim.com, section « Candidat », Tabs « Offres d’Emplois »
Only successful candidates will be contacted.